The Rise of Home Fitness!

De Opkomst Van Thuis Fitness!

During the corona period, one thing has become clear in the field of fitness; training at home is the future! It has therefore proven to be a period in which many people have learned more about training in your home environment. For example, what you need. And what the specific advantages of this method are. To delve into this a little deeper, let's take a moment to look at it.

The benefits of training at home

The benefits of training at home are very diverse. It is often just a matter of hearing or reading them at least once and then trying them out. When this is the case, you quickly become convinced. You then see that a lot can be achieved by training purely at home. You benefit from the following benefits:

  • Available material: Nowadays it is very easy to have the right material available at home. You don't need super-large, complicated equipment for a good workout. A set of adjustable dumbbells , a workout mat and a barbell will go a long way. Even with just your body weight, there are countless exercises you can do.

  • Not taking other people into account: At the same time, you don't have to take other people into account at home. Isn't it a nice thought to know that you can be completely yourself? It doesn't matter if you look a little unkempt. Or you might start to sweat a lot during exercise. There is no one to see you doing it. You have all the time and space to do exactly what you want to do.

  • Always possible: Furthermore, it is always possible to exercise. Something you certainly couldn't say about outdoor sports, indoor sports and gyms during the corona period. Almost everything was closed. Once you had the right materials for home training at home, you would hardly have any problems with this. At home you have everything at your disposal to get a good workout. Regardless of the circumstances that apply in society.

  • Fast: In addition, we often notice that people actually don't have enough time to visit the gym. For example, in a scenario where you actually want to exercise in the morning before work. Or just at the beginning of the evening. It is then a perfect solution to have a 20-30 minute session at home. Instead of spending at least an hour visiting the gym.

  • No travel time and costs: Finally, you save yourself a lot of travel time and costs. Instead of having to go to the gym by car or public transport (e.g. in the rain or because of the distance), training at home is free. This often saves you about 20 minutes and you can also add the costs on top of that. A significant difference for many people. Especially if you normally go to the gym several times a week.

Training at home is all the rage right now. Corona turned out to be the right push to make this clear to everyone worldwide. This easily removes an important obstacle to exercise. Picking up some dumbbells at home is a lot easier than taking the trouble to go all the way to the gym.

Home fitness with adjustable dumbbells

The best possible purchase to start with is of course a set of adjustable dumbbells . Given that they are adjustable, you can do various exercises with the right weight. From squats and dumbbell presses to the bicep curl and the dumbbell fly (see previous blog for a more detailed explanation of various exercises). What exercises do you like to do to train in the gym? Discover for yourself how feasible it is to perform this at home. Place your order for the adjustable dumbbells now and get started as soon as possible!